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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions that are related to locks, keys, and other security issues

Find out why your windows must be secured as well and how you can take good care of your keys.

Why do windows need extra locks?

Simple latches cannot keep windows secured properly and there's a high risk that someone may have access to your property easily. The experts of our locksmith company in Mill Creek suggest lock installation in every window.

How do I protect keys?

Keys will be lost if you leave them anywhere and aren't organized. Avoid leaving them beside open windows because someone may have access to them. Keep them out of the reach of pets and children or you may run a risk of a house lockout.

Why must locks must be changed if they still work?

Lock change is necessary to take place before the lock mechanism breaks and problems begin. Even if the locks work, deadbolt installation provides higher security and our specialists insist that old keys may also rust and lock you out. It's best to prevent issues!

What upgrades are available for my locks?

First of all you can use the more modern versions which normally include important enhancements that make all the difference when you are looking for security. For example you can make them electronic and include fingerprint technology or similar enhancements for good measure.

When should I have a lock replaced?

Technicians in Locksmith Mill Creek will tell you that a lock only needs replacing when it can no longer do its job. If you can still lock the mechanism with little trouble, but hear a grating noise when you do so, this means it only needs lubrication. Otherwise, you only need to have a lock replaced when it stops working altogether.

Why window latches are not enough?

There are differences among security locks and latches will hardly provide protection, especially if the windows are on the ground floor. Locksmith Mill Creek reminds you that burglars break in houses through windows since they either find them open or can break latches easier. So, it's best to seek special locks for your types of windows.

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